A lovely walk around Lough Lannagh

The town of Castlebar is situated beside the wonderful lake of Lough Lannagh. In the recent past, the area around the lake has being totally regenerated and it is now one of the most scenic urban waterways in Ireland.

Along with new infrastructure, which include a playground area for children, Lough Lannagh has had a new orbital walkway installed around the eastern section of the lake it is suitable for all types of users including, walkers strollers and runners. This 1.9 km route incorporates an impressive bridge which bisects the lake on the Westport side. Many Castlebar residents take advantage of this great amenity, either for exercise or for just a leisurely stroll.

Visitors can also avail of a spacious car park which is located at the entrance to Lough Lannagh. The lake itself is home to various species of fish including Brown Trout, while Swans and Ducks are resident on the lakeshore. Lough Lannagh is only a short walk from The Ellison.

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